Cost-Effective Crew Employment & Payroll Services

  • Cost effective settlement of EU social security
  • Attractive all inclusive set up & administration fee
  • Crew contracts of employment are fully compliant with maritime employment legislation
  • Timely & efficient payment of salaries
  • Administration is efficiently carried out by our experiences & professional team who are available 24/7
  • Crew Payroll Services available through Jersey and / or Malta


As a yacht owner or captain, with responsibility for crew members, there are some issues you need to be aware of.

A key part of the Maritime labour Convention is that all seafarer employees will be subject to periodic inspections to ensure compliance. Accodingly, it is imperative that the employment of crew takes place in a manner that is fully MLC compliant and in line with legal requirements.

EU regulation EC/883/2004 which regulates social security contributions for mariners employed on EU flagged yachts, requires seafarers who are residents of the EU/EEA/Switzerland(citizens or not) employed on an EU flagged yacht must be insured according to the law of the EU flag State, and in that State.

The only exception lies in the case where employer and employee reside in the same Member State; the seafarer must be affiliated in that State for social security.


Our team are maritime employment specialists who can ensure full compliance with the applicable employment legislation and EU social security requirements for crew employed on Maltese flagged yachts.

In order to address crew employment issues we have implemented the most practical and cost effective solution, now used by several of the worlds most prestigious superyachts (private and commercial) that fly the Malta Flag.

The Crew services structure has been developed with substantial tax and legal advice and is designed to employ seafarers and pay social security contributions in Malta. Our team will look after the following:

• Register the employer as well as the crew members for social security in Malta
• Prepare the MLC/EU compliant seafarer employment agreements
• Make monthly social security payments as well as compiling and filing the required employment forms
• Effect salary payments to the crew members
• Maintain the payroll
• Ensure continued compliance with social security legislation as it evolves
• Register and administer the Yachts Malta Flag Registration

The solution works perfectly for both employers and seafarers, the set up procedure is straightforward and all administration work is catered for by our team.


Yacht owners whose crew members are employed on Maltese flagged yachts and who are eligible to pay social security contributions in Malta will benefit from the following:

• Rate of social security contributions is very reasonable compared to other equivalent options.
• Cost of running the structure is very competitive.
• Crew members will be issued with a letter issued by the Maltese authorities which is equivalent to the social security card.
• Persons insured in Malta may benefit from a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
• Persons insured in Malta may benefit from an S1 form if they reside in a Member State other than Malta (on presentation of the salary slips showing the contributions)
• Seafarers can also obtain the U1 form to claim unemployment benefits in their country of residence (request possible online)
• Regarding the pension aspect, each state pays a rate of benefit which reflects the length of the claimant’s insurance in their scheme; this applies anywhere in the EU, EEA, and Switzerland; a person who has worked for more than one year in two or more of the above-mentioned states will be paid a pension proportional to the periods in these states.

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We are always up front with our clients in terms of costs and have an excellent reputation in the industry for providing professional services at attractive prices. The administration cost proposed is an all inclusive fee which we believe is very attractive and above all clear with no hidden extras.

Should you wish to proceed with our services we are able to start the process immediately with minimum disruption to all parties.

Our expert staff will be on hand to guide you through the implementation process and to offer advice on options available.

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