S&D Yachts Ltd was founded in 1976 by Roland Darmanin Kissaun. The company’s motto has always been the delivery of a top-quality service with key focus on reliability. Since then, the company soon gained an international reputation for being Malta’s leading Yacht Agent, Broker and Corporate Services company. Visiting yachtsmen came to rely on the unrivalled service delivered by the experienced and dedicated staff whose customer service is second to none. As yachts became larger and professionally managed, S&D Yachts has evolved in line with the industry. This has entailed an organizational growth and restructuring as well as upgrading the operational facilities.

S&D Yachts Ltd, together with its subsidiaries, now employs over 40 personnel in two centrally located premises in Malta to ensure delivery of an efficient service. The company structure is divided into 5 distinct departments namely:

  • Agency
  • Brokerage & Charter
  • Corporate Services
  • Administration & Finance
  • Marketing

Related companies include:

  • The Yacht Shop
  • Yacht Projects
  • Roland Marina
  • S&D Yachts Tunisia
  • Aegis Corporate Services

Through these subsidiaries and departments, the company can offer a myriad of services making S&D Yachts a true one stop shop for any yachtsmen visiting Malta.


In order to extend the company services further, S&D Yachts also networks with similar companies throughout the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. A list of our associates is available upon request.