Owning a yacht is a pleasure, whether for private use or commercial use. Our company can assist in alleviating the day-to-day planning and accounting associated with ownership.

We can assist the Captain, the crew and the yacht owner, by offering a shore based support team to handle all aspects of running the yacht, leaving more time for the crew to handle the physical aspects of the day-to-day operations, and for the owner more time to enjoy his investment.

Well managed yachts, are able to enjoy more days cruising throughout the season due to the support of a land-based team who can look after the yacht’s accounts and administration, including all book-keeping and any flag related issues.

We also ensure that certification; surveys and insurances are kept up to date, along with crew qualifications.

Our banking services include paying the crew, and suppliers with prior approval from the yacht owners. We ensure that the Captain has a reasonable cash float on board, which every yacht Captain needs, to ensure they are prepared and ready for guests at all times. We are also able to arrange for Captains and Senior Crew to be issued with crew credit cards to meet the day-to-day on-board expenses.

Also through our regulated fiduciary subsidiary we are able to hold money on behalf of yacht owners and settle all yachts running expenses and prove full management accounting to the owner.