Malta, from its strategic and central position at the heart of the Mediterranean, offers a wide range of international maritime facilities and services including an active and reputable International Ship Register which currently ranks as the largest merchant flag in Europe.

Malta Flag is today a European Flag, a flag of confidence and a flag of choice. Its good standing is evidenced by the many leading Ship Owning and Ship Management companies who register their vessels under the Malta Flag, and by International Banks and Financiers who often recommend the Maltese Register and Malta Ship Registration under the Malta Flag. Malta has the largest registered tonnage amongst the European flag states. Numerous benefits are offered to ship owners through Malta’s fiscal, corporate and legal system.

Vessels registered under the Malta Flag have no trading restrictions and are given preferential treatment in certain ports. The Maltese flag state requirements are well known to main shipyards and main classification societies. The Malta Flag is on the white list of the Paris MoU, Tokyo MoU and on the Low Risk Ship List of the Paris MoU. Furthermore, Malta has adopted all International Maritime Conventions.


  • The Maltese Flag ranks the first in Europe.
  • Malta is a member of the European Union.
  • Malta is a party to the major international conventions.
  • Competitive ship registration and company formation.
  • The Maltese legal system is reliable and offers robust protection to financiers.
  • No restrictions are imposed on the nationality of the shareholders and directors of Maltese Companies.
  • No restrictions imposed on the nationality of the master, officers and crew.
  • No restrictions on the sale of ships and mortgaging of Maltese ships.
  • There are no trading restrictions on Maltese ships.
  • English is one of the two official languages of Malta thus permitting that any official documentation is well accepted in English.
  • The registration process is a straightforward and quick procedure.
  • A professional and highly reliable maritime administration. 24/7 service offered in respect of urgent matters.