Our company (established in 1976) is one of Malta’s long established yacht corporate service providers. S&D Yachts Ltd is licensed to carry out these services by the Malta Financial Services Authority. With over 30 years of experience, our qualified team have incorporated and managed companies for international and local individuals as well as entities from the yachting sector, from the simplest incorporation to the most complex structures.

Setting up a shipping or a trading company in Malta provides an effective, EU-based, yachts solution and it has become an increasingly popular business vehicle for international clients from all parts of the word.

Every Private Limited Company must have at least one shareholder who may either be an individual person or a corporate entity. We can also offer fiduciary services through our sister company Aegis Corporate Services Limited who are licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority [MFSA] in order to provide such services.

The share capital may be divided into ordinary shares and preferences shares and classes or variants thereof. Ownership of company shares is evidenced by their entry in the Company’s register of members and by the issue of a share certificate.

Every company must have a registered office address situated in Malta, out company can provide this.

The length of time required to set up a Maltese company depends on the type of company as well as the timely submission of all information and documentation required. The process can take as little as 4 working days.

Malta-registered companies are required to keep proper accounting records and have their financial statements audited at the end of each financial year in accordance with the Malta Companies Act, 1995 and International Accounting Standards.

New company registrations in Malta are constituted by Memorandum and Articles of Association that are subscribed to by the shareholders; and a certificate of registration that is issued by the Malta Registrar of Companies in respect thereof. The Memorandum and Articles of Association would state the name of the company; the name, address and official identification of the subscribers; the registered office address of the company in Malta; the activities of the company; details according the authorised, issued and paid-up share capital, the number of directors and their particulars, the number of company secretaries and their particulars, and the manner in which the legal and judicial representation of the company is to be vested.

Maltese Companies are not subject to any exchange control restrictions. The authorised and issued share capital of a private company shall be of a minimum of EUR 1,164.69 of which at least 20% is to be paid-up front.